Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wendy's First Film of 2010!

When I read reviews, I generally prefer them to be short and sweet so that I get an impression of what's to come without having my opinion determined for me by another with a gargantuan description of the best, worst, improvable and completely lost parts of a film. As such, I will adhere to my own inclinations and keep my reviews short, but hopefully sweet as well as useful.

As such, I present to you Wendy's "First" Film Review of 2010*:

I could cheat and say Yellow Submarine was my first film of 2010, but seeing as I fell at asleep about halfway through it at about 3am on January 1st, I wouldn't be entirely honest. I could also choose The Beatles Anthology, which I began around 4pm later that day, but I sadly only saw the first of several parts. Then those I was with began watching a Nirvana concert on DVD at about 5:30, but I sort of zoned out for that one and started drawing flowers. As such, my first official film viewing experience of this new year came around 7pm in the form of the awesome, action-packed ride of insanity:

(2006). As the tagline notes, the hero of this "adrenaline-fueled thrill ride," Chev Chelios, has "Poison in his veins. Vengeance in his heart," and it only gets better from there. This is a colourful, hilarious and diverting excursion for those in the mood for a little vacation from the intense, meaningful dramas that are so popular during awards season. Not for the faint of heart, this is for fans of mindless action madness, so unplug the Beatles Rockband and stick in this gem if you're feeling a little too lethargic.

* I say "First" because I already published a list of my top 10 films on this blog a few days ago, so this isn't technically my first film review, even if it is the first film I watched this year.

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MLClark said...

This being your first film of the year bodes REALLY well for the kind of antics and shenanigans your review list will be getting into -- of that I have no doubt!