Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mike The Boss - Films of 2010 - Film the First: Extract

Extract (2009) (dir: Mike Judge)

Oh Mike Judge, please go away. Beavis & Butthead was stupid. Office Space had moments but was not really that good. King of the Hill is nauseatingly puerile. Idiocracy was likely your best film but the best joke is making fun of Crocs and how tough is that to do. And now you have given us Extract, a misogynistic, unfunny, unnoteworthy piece of crap filled with sterotypes that you pretend to like but don't even have the balls to respect. Wake up people, Mike Judge hates your guts and thinks you are stupid. Plus he's forced Ben Affleck on us in his unfunniest role yet. This film is a stillborn abomination and should be avoided at all costs. Yep, that was my first film of the year. Yeehaw!

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MLClark said...

My deep and heartfelt condolences for a terrible cinematic start to the new year. I'm almost terrified to ask if you anticipate the films getting better from here on out, or worse. Is the latter even possible?