Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wendy's Films of 2010 #8: Leap Year (2010)

Well, this is exciting - the first film I've watched in 2010 that was actually released in 2010; also, I didn't strive to watch two Amy Adams films in one day, it just sort of happened. Apart from this, I must say this film is incredibly... average? Like most romantic comedies, you pretty much know how it'll end from the beginning, and the beginning is often the best part because that's the only way it differs from every other member of its genre. Besides this critique, it was a cute film, Amy Adams is a bit annoying for the first half of the film, but she's cured when she falls for the Irish guy (who's actually played by Brit Matthew Goode - apparently they couldn't find a suitable Irishman to play the role...?). It reminds me a lot of what appears to be a subgenre of the romantic comedy: the "American/city girl/guy goes to rural Ireland/Scotland/England and falls in love with local and realizes they don't need the big city/technology to be happy" genre. Yep! I'm telling you, it's huge! Think The Baker or The Matchmaker, in fact, Irish rom-coms of this sort have actually been termed Loveblarneys.

In any case, the film is great if you're looking for something conventional, though be wary because its novelty runs out pretty quickly. Though I must say that I never get tired of the the beautiful cinematography; Ireland is stunning.

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