Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wendy watches Sailor Moon

I had to submit a post telling the world I wasn't lazy today, well actually I was completely lazy, but not in terms of devouring creations watched on a television. In the company of some lovely ladies, I watched various episodes of Sailor Moon for approximately 11 hours today, but since we skipped numerous episodes and therefore didn't see any one whole season I cannot claim it as one of my 365. Really there is no purpose for this post beyond notifying whomever reads it that I am awesome, so awesome I watched (mostly) dubbed Sailor Moon for an entire day.

Oh Tuxedo Mask, you're soo dreamy!!

1 comment:

cjb said...

Mike will have to make the final verdict, but even though you didn't watch an actual season, I think 11 hours of this damn stuff must count as season-like.