Saturday, January 16, 2010

tm Does the QT 20 Part 4: Fight Club

Starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter – this is a good movie and worthy of repeated viewings. There’s the big Plot Twist, which is pulled off semi-believably, but there are several layers to the whole movie and it’s clear that a lot of thought went into it, most of which undoubtedly came from the original novel, written by cult-fave author Chuck Palahniuk

Norton plays a corporate drone and meets Pitt, a free spirited soap maker, on an airplane. They hang out after the flight and Norton becomes envious of Pitt’s anti-establishment character. By accident, they form Fight Club – a brawl between two willing combatants that becomes an emotional and physical outlet for the participants - basically, pugilistic therapy. Its success escalates and more people become involved, this in turn sees the Club turn to pubic pranks intent on self-improvement for the members and showing the public its shallowness and greed; this then escalates into bigger and bigger stunts, Club members become organized and militarized, and it culminates with the Mother Of All Stunts.

Bonham Carter is the woman between the two men and she’s does a great job of playing the flaky waif, though she does kinda disappear for a while. And worthy of mention is Meatloaf (yes, the singer), who wears a fat suit with huge boobs complete with nipples.

Not wanting to be overdramatic, but the home-grown terrorism aspect makes it strangely a little hard to watch post 9-11.

This is a 2-dvd set – there are four commentaries with the disc and a lot of production scenes. Good stuff. Too bad the Fincher/Pitt/North/Carter commentary is not all of them together – sounds like only Fincher and Norton were recorded jointly.

tm sez: 8/10

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