Monday, January 11, 2010

Mike The Boss - Films of 2010 - Film the Fifth: Zombie Hunter Rika

(just when you think the movie can't get any more ridiculous, guess who shows up?)

Zombie Hunter Rika (2008) (dir: K. Fujiwara)

Part live action anime, part slapstick Japanese comedy, part low budget zombie film, Zombie Hunter Rika is another in the Switchblade film releases for North America. Basic story is Rika and her friend play hooky and go visit her grandfather whereupon they are attacked by zombies. Much hilarity ensues as the grandfather's maids have a "who has the bigger boobs" contest just before they are devoured, the grandfather (who is a vegetative state due to being poisoned by his gold digging wife) goes old school samurai and then attaches the severed arm of a US Elite Zombie Hunter to his granddaughter (her arm gets severed after being bitten by a zombie) and some Three Stooges like hijinks from a trio of computer nerds who are trying to stop the zombie invasion with a tire iron and kitchen knife.

If you think it sounds like the movie is dumb, you are correct but it knows that it is a low budget exploitation film and does the best it can within it's limitations. You get some nudity, lots of gore, ridiculous situations and a plot that makes a kind of retarded, incredibly convoluted sense. But really, leave your brain behind if you are going to watch Rika.

P.S. Watch for the obviously male stunt double for Rika who does most of the martial arts moves in the movie. I love it when movies do that!

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