Saturday, January 23, 2010

tm Does the QT 20 Part 9: Unbreakable

Gen X warns: this review contains spoiler(s)!

Unbreakable. (dir. M. Night Shyamalan – 2000)

So, according to the IMDb, the director (referred to by QT as Shamalamadingdong) likes this movie the most of the ones he’s done. It’s a good movie – not great but better than The Sixth Sense and certainly better than the rest.

Bruce Willis is David Dunn, a security guard who is the unscathed and lone survivor of a train crash. He is pursued by Samuel L Jackson, a comic book connoisseur named Elijah Price who has a disease that makes his bones very prone to breaking. Samuel L is convinced that superheroes have existed through out history – humans that are somehow immune to illness, possess extreme strength, etc. – and he believes that Bruce, by surviving the train wreck, is a superhero.

The acting is restrained and controlled in a good way while the direction is very evenly paced, with numerous long-held single take shots. The comic book symmetry between Bruce (good guy) and Samuel L (bad guy) got a little boring but still reasonable engaging. The two of them pretty much take up the entire movie but there’s Robin Wright Penn as Bruce’s estranged/on again-off again wife and Spencer Treat Clark (also known for playing Lucius in Gladiator) and as their son - they both do a fine job in their supporting roles.

Not many extras on the dvd – deleted scenes and a few mini-documentaries – but they’re nice.
tm sez: 7/10

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