Monday, March 15, 2010

Wendy's "Films" of 2010 #51: The Black Adder, Season 1 (1983)

An intelligent man recommended that I try watching the second season of The Black Adder first, and I sadly didn't take his advice. Rowan Atkinson's character, Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh (The Black Adder), is a little irritating from time to time, but I like the sarcasm and the idea of the series. Each season leaps forward in British history from medieval times through to the 20th century. In my favourite episode, Edmund becomes the archbishop of England, and must convince rich dying men to give their land to the crown instead of the church. Upon his success, the King exclaims, "My son!" and Edmund responds, "Father!" and they embrace; the King then kneels before him saying, "My father," Edmund places his hand upon his head and says, "My son." It's a lot funnier in the show, I assure you. I did enjoy the first season, but I imagine that the quality of the comedy increases in the next seasons based on the slow incline from "alright" to "not bad" to "hey, I just laughed!" that occurred in my mind as I watched the first. I'm intrigued enough to check out the second season, at least!

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