Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mike the Boss - Films of 2010 - Film the Fifteenth: Zombie Self Defense Force

Ack! I am way, way behind on my writing of reviews. Went to Portugal in February for a vacation and never got back on track. I'll try to catch up over the next few days.

Zombie Self Defense Force (2006) (dir: Naoyuki Tomomatsu)

Another in the Switchblade Pictures releases of low budget Japanese horror comedies, Zombie Self Defense Force features tons of gore, none of the usual sleaze but the expected paper thin plot is there with plenty of really bad jokes. The movie starts with a strange bit about how evil America was for nuking Japan during WW2. Then we have a UFO crashing that then causes zombies to rise up and attack everyone. Luckily, the Self Defense force is in the forest so they can protect the other oddballs that survive the initial attack and help to defeat the zombie invasion.

Frankly, the plot is pretty pointless and the acting is typically bad but they do have a LOT of gore and blood being sprayed about in this film so if that is what you want then go ahead and give it a watch. I prefer a slightly less slapstick version of zombie film but that is just me. The film is only 76 minutes long so even if you don’t like it, it won’t bore you.

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