Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wendy's Films of 2010 #47: 9to5: Days in Porn (2008)

I thought Days in Porn would at least be entertaining. I was wrong. Some parts are interesting, but it's mostly just tedious and repetitive. I especially don't recommend watching this with anyone who finds hardcore porn offensive. Not that I did, but I wasn't exactly expecting to see full-on sex so often, so don't think this is one to watch with mom. The documentary tracks the lives of several people who work in the porn industry, from managers to filmmakers to the actors themselves. I thought that it would be amusing to see how these people lived their lives, or what it's like to work in an industry that is so widely considered indecent. Unfortunately, the film was actually pretty boring at times. Some people were interesting, like the cheery pornstar who stars in her boyfriend's films, or the girl who just wants to make the craziest stuff out there. But these parts are sadly far and few between, making most of the film unenjoyable and awkward.

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