Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wendy's "Films" of 2010 #48: Pulling, Season 1 (2006)

It took me a couple episodes to get into Pulling, a series that takes Sex and the City and turns it into a continuous series of drunken episodes filled with unfortunate incidents that usually leave Donna, Karen and Louise hungover, alone and/or bloody in the face. I kind of like it. The girls don't make up excuses, they live how they want to, accept the consequences and continue their drunken escapades. Karen, an elementary school teacher, is the most alcoholic and sexually promiscuous of the three. Louise has the most trouble attracting men, and so turns into a sort of clingy nightmare. While Donna, who recently decided not to marry her fiancé, is in a state of flux, not wanting to lose the affection of her former love, but not sure that she wants to be with him either. It's kind of a mess, but if you want to watch something that resembles an awesome trashcan version of Sex and the City, this series is for you.

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