Thursday, March 11, 2010

Uptown Waterloo Comedy Festival

So normally I would say you should spend your evenings in front of your TV watching a DVD that you rented from us but every once in a while, someone does something interesting in our fair city and this is one of those moments.

Starting tonight and running through to Saturday, the Uptown Waterloo Comedy Festival is happening and I think it is something that should be supported. So much so that Gen X is actually a sponsor of this event.

As a result of said sponsorship, Gen X has some free tickets to give away. If you rush into the store and rent a movie and ask the lovely clerk behind the counter for a ticket, you can get one. As long as our supply lasts that is. They have a $24.00 value each so for the cost of a single rental, you can not only get an enjoyable movie to watch but an evening of giggles as well.

So come on in, rent a movie and help support the newest festival in Waterloo!

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