Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wendy's Films of 2010 #33: Wild About Harry (2000)

Aww, I love Brendan Gleeson. I think he may have been the perfect choice to star in this Irish film about a middle-aged man who suffers a coma and memory loss just before getting divorced from his wife. As such, all the horrible things he did (namely cheating too many times to count and being quite a good alcoholic) are erased from his memory and he's back to who he was at 18. Gleeson does a great job of making this transition in age believable and endearing, while attempting to grow into the fairly big shoes he's made for himself as a celebrity chef and man whore. Most of the movie is spent with Gleeson trying to win back the heart and trust of his teenage sweetheart (now wife, and soon to be divorcée) and children. The film as a whole is unassuming and modest, and though it's no masterpiece it's what I'd call a "nice" movie - something your mother would probably enjoy.

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