Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mike the Boss - Films of 2010 - Film the Thirteenth: Masters of Horror: Sounds Like...

Masters of Horror: Sounds Like... (2006) (dir: Brad Anderson)

Another in the Masters of Horror collection, this one is directed by Brad Anderson who did the delightfully scary Session 9 and cringe-inducing The Machinist. It deals with the manager of a call centre whose hearing becomes hyper-sensitive to the point where it is driving him crazy. This episode has an decent back story but I'm not sure it really does the job of a horror film. Sure there is the psychological aspect of his condition and what it causes him to do but I just didn't feel the tension that might have been there if they hadn't kept the story so simple. I think this is more of a failing of the concept of the Masters of Horror series than anything else. The constraint required to keep things within the 50 minute limit means that the director cannot always go where he needs to. Anyway, Sounds Like... is not great but it is still a decent diversion for an hour if you need one.

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