Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wendy's Films of 2010 #99: The Wolfman (2010)

Quite a while back (I'm talking mid-May) I watched a film called The Wolfman. Now I made the mistake of later telling Mike and Chris that the movie wasn't "that bad;" I may have said it "wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." They took this as my endorsement and decided to watch the film for themselves. For several weeks afterwards I was harassed for suggesting the film was watchable, and anything I said wouldn't relieve me of their constant (albeit joking) persecution. I am now able to say that upon reflection I realize suggesting the movie wasn't that bad was likely a terrible idea, though I'm unused to them taking my opinion on any movie to heart. I think I even remember Mike jokingly saying he'd considered firing me after seeing my list of top 10 films...

Now! All commentary on the events surrounding my viewing of the Wolfman aside, I would like to say I do not recommend this film. It is not particularly well-acted, the CGI as Chris mentions in his review (linked above) is quite terrible, and the ending is inadequate. I can say that some will like this movie, obviously my employers are not among them; and though my dislike of the film isn't nearly as intense as theirs, I am also to be included in those who are not fans of the film. It may look neat in the trailer, but the film itself lacks any charm that the original had. I can say, however, that I did like Emily Blunt's acting, as I often do.

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