Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wendy's Films of 2010 #91: Tang shan da xiong (Fists of Fury) (1971)

So this isn't actually the Bruce Lee film that most people know as "Fists of Fury" (a film made the next year, about a different subject, but by the same director). The confusion arises when the dubbed version of Tang shan da xiong released in America is called Fists of Fury, and the next year a similar film is given the same English title, even though the original titles of these films weren't anywhere close to this one (Big Brother of Tongshan/Jing wu men). Tang shan winds up with several different titles in the English language including Fists of Glory and The Big Boss (the now official title). This is merely a bit of trivia that I found entertaining, but I thought it made an interesting point about the creation of English language titles. Even when the first Harry Potter film was released I didn't understand why the American release of the book was titled "Sorcerer's Stone" while the original was "Philosopher's Stone". Feel free to comment on translated titles that flabbergast or interest you in some way. And after all that, you can actually find Tang shan da xiong under MarArts: Lee as Fists of Fury

As for the film itself, the plot was interesting enough: a man who has sworn not to use his martial arts training for the purpose of violence begins to notice the disappearance of his cousins at the ice factory where he works. Of course, as you can probably imagine, violence ensues and Bruce Lee gets to kick some ass. The random female nudity seems out of place, but I suppose it's not really meant to be anything other than a tactic to get larger audiences. There is a copious amount of violence, from hatchets in the back, flashlights to the head, and several difference ice-related deaths, in addition to the awesome Bruce Lee hand-to-hand combat. Overall, the film isn't really anything momentous, but it served its purpose as a diverting and sometimes comical, martial arts movie.

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