Friday, August 13, 2010

Pose Reviews A...COMEDY SPECIAL! #31: Aziz Ansari's Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening (2010)

I had originally suggested what I thought was a hip title for fans of up-and-coming comdian Aziz Ansari.

"Hey, you think that guy from Parks and Rec who refused to sell fruit to the guys on Flight of the Conchords is funny too? Totally! That guy's hilarious! You must have the Aziz Disease!"

Sadly, this clever and underappreciated moniker didn't take off.

But I'll tell you what is taking off: Aziz Ansari's DVD, Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening.

Intimate Moments is a 55-minute comedy special that Ansari performed at Los Angeles' Brentwood Theatre in January, 2010 for Comedy Central.

It also sports a bonus feature containing a 30-minute comedy set of completely different jokes , the sole purpose of which is to ensure that there would be a bonus feature on his then forthcoming, now very much available DVD. (Ansari states this very explicitly at the beginning of this feature).

What's encouraging is, both sets of footage are absolutely hilarious.

It's nice to have a heavy-hitting newcomer to the stand-up comedy scene. Along with Louis CK and Russell Brand, Aziz Ansari seems to be rejuvenating the stand-up enterprise while stand-up veterans like David Cross and Ricky Gervais have been releasing mediocre stand-up performances on DVD of late.

Ansari's humour is mainly derived from true stories (whether they're actually true can be debated, I'm sure, but they're definitely entertaining!) about his own life experiences, including tales of a night out with Kanye West, and a ridiculous story about an R. Kelly concert (complete with an unforgettable impression of R. Kelly).

However, some of the funniest jokes Ansari has to offer have to do with new social networking technologies, from Craigslist to text messaging.

The older stand-up crowd isn't delving into this territory, but there's a ton of golden material to be derived from the ridiculous nuances and idiosyncrasies of new technology and the way people use it.

Aziz Ansari has tackled this veritable jackpot of humour, and he does it with a flair that will make you LOL.

(Sorry. Had to be said.)

I'd definitely recommend Aziz Ansari to stand-up enthusiasts, since he's a clever and charismatic performer who doesn't resort to vulgarity or shocking edginess to be comical.

And while the subject of his humour is funny, it's the wording and delivery of his jokes that make him hilarious.

Need some intimate moments for tonight's sensual evening? You know where to find 'em!

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